Transporting goods after the 1st of January 2021, in line with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The protocol will come in effect from the 1st of January 2021. It is intended so that goods moving from NI, into the rest of the UK, will do so on the same basis as before; but there will instead be a separate provision for goods moving from Great Britain (GB) to NI.

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Businesses operating in NI are expected to retain their unfettered access to both the GB and the EU markets. Whilst this is certainly subject to possible change, it would ideally mean:

  • No import customs declarations as goods enter the rest of the UK from NI.
  • No entry summary declaration as goods enter the rest of the UK from NI.
  • No tariffs applied to NI goods entering the rest of the UK under any circumstances.
  • No custom checks.
  • No new regulatory checks.
  • No additional approvals required for placing goods on the market for the rest of the UK.

However, this protocol is not set as a permanent solution and will last only for as long as the institutions in NI let it. The first vote on the future of the protocol will take place in 2024. Whilst the protocol remains in existence, NI will continue to enforce the EU’s customs codes at ports and adhere to EU rulings on agricultural and manufactured goods.

Experts warn the use of the Irish corridor from NI to GB ‘could be subject to the UK Global Tariff’. However, he feels an alternative option is to declare the goods under transit procedures which could allow for tariff free movement of goods in any case. Transport of non-union goods in secure/approved vehicles or containers, and under continued Customs supervision. These circumstances should allow for goods to travel from NI to GB via the Irish corridor without fear of duties and tariffs being applied.

“We at A1 Global Logistics Ltd have had the foresight to anticipate this...”

We at A1 Global Logistics Ltd have had the foresight to anticipate this and have been working diligently, since the Brexit referendum, to obtain both an authorised consignor status and a custom bonded warehouse. Utilising the foregoing permits us to operate with reduced crossing costs, available from all Irish crossings, and in turn allows to pass those savings directly back to you, our customers.